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I am a software engineer located in Portland OR, with a passion for delivering unique and efficient solutions to challenging issues. In order to improve myself as an individual, I concentrate my energy into enriching all aspects of my life. I operate under the mantra that in order to provide greater contributions to a team, one must have a well rounded and satisfying lifestyle. I enjoy systems which implement algorithms found in other areas of study in the sciences, (I completed a thesis based on biological trends in genetic algorithms to reflect this goal). I am a very fast learner due to my love for this line of work, and pride myself on my understanding that I will always be learning in this field. I always bring this passion into the workplace, specifically by creating elegant code which follows my problem solving style based on minimalism. I am a huge advocate of workflow enhancements and their effects on the engineering process, especially in regards to finding a good agile rhythm. People seem to respond well to this as the most common feedback I receive from anyone I work with is that they love my attitude!


Southern Connecticut State University

June 2013-December 2016 GPA: 4.0/4.0

Degree: M.S. Computer Science (Software Development)
Thesis Concentration:
Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithms/Game Theory

University of Maryland: College Park

September 2007-May 2011

Degree: B.A. Sociology (Stratification/Demography)
Minor: Philosophy

Skill Set


  • Public speaking/Client Interaction
  • Critical thinking
  • Experience with Agile development/Workflow tracking
  • Integrated quality assurance practices
  • Experience with cloud based products hosted on Amazon Web Services

Technical Tools

  • Languages: Java, PHP, JavaScript, HTML 5, CSS 3
  • Architectures: REST-ful, MVC
  • Databases: Oracle, MySQL
  • Graphics: OpenGL (glut)
  • Development tools: IntelliJ IDEA
  • Monitoring Tools: ELK Stack
Project Work

Database driven website/ mobile application

Created functioning website using MySQL paired with PHP. The website was then paired with a mobile application designed for android. (solo project)

Front end Web development

Acted as scrum master for team to implement changes to indie-soft website, both updating existing features and adding functionality.

Customizable User Interface

Updated web based application to create a fully customizable theme framework with embedded logic to allow for smooth integration of entire UI when only given 3 key colors, allow for user customization or accessibility functionality.

Secure application form/ Database design

Built LAMP stack based secure apprentice application for Independent Software. Designed database architecture to allow for integration of back end analytics.

Centralized Logging

Implemented centralized logging for international scale real-time application management/analytics. Open source, and easily scalable solution with high reliability, updated in application logging for better reporting and continued to act as administrator for centralized systems.

Configuration Migration/ Marketplace application framework

Created robust XML based configuration migration system for highly configurable system from basic information loader. This system is currently being used to drive a live application marketplace.

Work Experience*

Senior Software Engineer

September 2014-Present

Thermo Fisher Scientific (Core Informatics)

Engineered software solutions for modular, fully customizable laboratory information management system(LIMS), Electronic Lab Notebook(ELN), as well as other applications within the platform for science. Oracle database accessed with Java based technology stack designed with a REST-ful architecture hosted on cloud instances. Specific attention paid to performance to handle big data associated with LIMS systems, as well as modularity of code to allow for client side customization of user experience and workflow. Worked heavily on implementing continuous integration and devops principles into company workflow and internal tooling and training to raise efficiency of the company as a whole while still working primarily as a software engineer within the code base.

Web Application Developer

August 2014-September 2014

Stellar Learning Innovations

Developed web application as a solution to track modular learning acheivement for students. Implemented front end functionality for modern as well as legacy browsers. Added back end functionality to LAMP stack with MVC architecture.

A100 Apprentice Developer

May 2014-July 2014

Independent Software: A100 Program

Received formal training in agile practices as well as modern coding standards; also worked in agile development teams for both front end and back end web development, acted as Scrum Master during this process coordinating team consisting of both in person and remote developers.

Facility coordinator/ Database assistant

February 2012-April 2012

CT Drug Treatment: Center for Change

Began as data entry position, independently built prototype database and statistical analysis program. After implementation changed workflow eventually helped company integrate with upgrade to formal Electronic Medical Record Management system.

Boarding agent/logistics coordinator

June 2011-October 2011

T. Parker Host Inc.

Responsibilities include logistics coordination for every aspect of bulk cargo ship operations during their visit to the port of Baltimore; Including but not limited to organizing loading/unloading of vessel, handling crew needs during stay, clearing vessel with immigration and representing the vessel when in contact with the U.S. Coast Guard. Office work included representing owner and/or charterer of vessels during local deals to protect financial interests. Extremely high stress/ fast paced work environment.

Data collector/Database consultant

June2010-August 2010

Kinder Morgan- Sparrows point terminal

Responsibilities include collecting data on over 150 large mechanical units including extensive knowledge of rotary units and trucks. Input of said data into Dossier fleet management software querying and interpreting Dossier statistical output readings.

*Please note only pertinent work experience is listed